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Clinical and scientific studies for IMEDEEN Prime Renewal

Scientific study on IMEDEEN Prime Renewal by Stephens & Associates, Dallas, Texas, USA

"My skin is softer, smoother and the dark circles under my eyes have improved. My sister noticed. I would recommend this. I could see an improvement - which surprises me with anything nowadays.”

Tricia – US Clinical study participant


Scientific study on IMEDEEN Prime Renewal by Dr. Nico Smit and Dr. Stan Pavel, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

""The in-vitro study shows that the IMEDEEN Prime Renewal ViTea (now called TeaVita)-complex decreases the amount of free radicals produced in skin fibroblasts and reduces the damage caused by UV.”"

Dr. Nico Smit - Leiden University Medical Centre


Scientific study on IMEDEEN Prime Renewal by Dr. Odile Damour, Laboratory for skin substitutes, Lyon, France

"The results on both the dermal and epidermal structures clearly demonstrated the anti-aging effect of the IMEDEEN Prime Renewal active ingredients."

Dr. Jana Vicanova – co-investigator, Dermdata, Prague, CZ