IMEDEEN® Derma One®
First Signs of Aging Formula

derma one

IMEDEEN Derma One, our formula for first signs of aging, helps repair and protect your skin. Commonly used by people who are 25 or older, Derma One helps support the hydration and radiance needed to minimize the first signs of aging.*

IMEDEEN features our well-studied BioMarine Complex, an exclusive blend of nutrients similar to those found naturally in your skin. The formulation is enriched with 2 antioxidants that, together, help support skin health and collagen production.*

In as Little as 12 Weeks

You may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve moisture balance, radiance, and skin quality, and help your face and body feel softer and more supple. Enhance your beauty routine with IMEDEEN Derma One and start to build your beauty from within.*

imedeen derma one pill
  • Improves skin quality and structure*
  • Improves moisture balance*
  • Helps skin look more radiant*
  • Makes skin on face and body feel softer and more supple*
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  • In your early 30s, cell renewal starts to slow down
  • Skin loses its youthful radiance
  • Skin may start to lose moisture
  • Fine expression lines appear, particularly around your eyes
  • On the inside, there may be signs of UV-damage and a decrease in collagen production
  • From about the age of 25, skin begins to lose approximately 1% of collagen each year

In vitro research into IMEDEEN Derma One's exclusive marine complex demonstrates its potential to prolong the life of skin cells in human skin models by slowing down the skin's natural aging process.

Dr. A. El Ghalbzouri, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands^

Renew your beautiful skin. Start today.

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